Monday, April 13, 2009

yea, he's definitely an omen. Everytime I see him in the morning, I have a crappy day. So yeah, I saw him this morning.

Let's review this weekend: Friday=tons of fun but people's true colors definitely came out. I don't understand it; if you don't like somebody, then don't like them. You can be civil, just don't be fake. That's what's wrong with certain people: they have to be so extreme with their actions and words. If you don't like sombody you really have to dislike them and really show it-but if they are around and you want to be ''civil'' you have to be extemely nice to them? Hell no. State your opinions once, have legit reasons behind them, if those people come around you, just tell them to fuck off (or hi) and move on. No need to fan the flames.

I wish people would get it.

anyway, i saw cari and clint this weekend which made my day. now i need to go find Kelsea! i miss you kelseaaaaaa.

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  1. I really think he might be an Omen. And i cant believe he had the nerve to call me SHAY SHAY of all people. And i totally agree about the situation at Alden's par-tay but you already knew that! I miss you too, and i am checking on the hookah/you coming to visit ASAP!