Tuesday, March 17, 2009

good grief.

This has been the longest week ever...and it's only Tuesday : (
no bueno. Last night i did the craziest thing i've done in a while; i showed emotion. crazy i know. that's probably my least favorite thing to do; to cry and have people know about it. everybody has their issues; and while it's apart of being human to help one another out in a time of need, i don't feel like i have the right to drown people in my sorrows. i want to look as if i'm a happy person despite it all. AND if i do sit and think about my problems, i will then have to admit that my life is semi-fucked up.

the bad news about life is that you get obstacles that you can't avoid or stop from happening. they will make you feel like you have no where else to go, nobody else will understand you, and that God has a huge grudge against you.

the good news about life is that if you're sitting and thinking about your problems and how you're going to get through it means that you're still alive and well. this is your opportunity to become a stronger person and live the rest of your life trying to make it better and appreciating the small things.

it's funny how something so terrible and big happens to you and it only takes something as small as walking to the middle of the woods and looking up at the stars to make you feel better. the little things are God's way of showing you that everything will be alright. I seriously think i'm the real life Charlie Brown. but at the end of the day, no matter what, i'm happy. being happy is what i want to be, what i LONG to be. and i want everyone else to be happy as well. just take a deep breath and count to 3 : )

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  1. i like this...we are so much alike it is crazy!! so you know you can call me anytime, and we will be happy together despite the effed up parts of our life. =)

    And our life is soon to be on the BEST SELLERS list because i am writing the book!